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Frequently asked questions

I haven't actually been asked these questions, but I think that at least some visitors will be interested in the answers anyway.

What does Tibi stand for?

Tibi means pick up the pen. It refers to using a pen or a mouse pointer to input characters, rather than typing on a keyboard. The idea for this name was inspired by the proverb "提笔忘字", take the pen and forget how to write the character. However, the slogan for this software should rather be "提笔写字".

How does it work

Simply put, a painted stroke is segmented into pieces according to the stroke direction. This sequence is then matched againts a list of required strokes for each character. The list of character recognition pattern is maintained manually. read more

When will you support character X?

I am working along a list of traditional characters more or less sorted by stroke count. I am adding simplified versions now and then. I plan to provide access to about 15000 simplified and traditional characters. As characters become more complex it is easier to add a pattern definition for them, because they are more likely to consist of simpler characters.

I try to increase the set of recognized characters quickly. The following graphics illustrates the progress since project start: